You will explore where the bible has come from and how you got the copy you read today. You will learn the grand story of scripture and some of the key moments which are essential to your understanding of God and yourself, You will also be equipped with some tools to help you read the bible in a healthy and transforming way.

Course curriculum

    1. What is the Bible?

    2. The Writings of the Bible Part 1 - The Hebrew Scriptures

    3. The Hebrew Bible - What is in it?

    4. The Writings of the Bible Part 2 - The Christian Scriptures

    5. The Christian Scriptures - What is in them?

    1. How did we get the Bible?

    2. Quick Canon Question

    3. How did the Process of Canonisation Happen? Part 1 - The Hebrew Scriptures

    4. How did the Process of Canonisation Happen? Part 2 - The Christian Scriptures

    5. Summarise the Process of Canonisation

    1. What is the Doctrine of Scripture?

    2. Examples from Luke 1

    3. Reflect on the Inspiration, Revelation and Authority of Mark 1:1-15

    1. An Introduction to the Bible

    2. Read Genesis 1-3

    3. What does Genesis 1-3 tell us about the world?

    4. Read Revelation 21 and 22

    5. What does Revelation 21-22 tell us about the world?

    6. The Arc of the Story

    7. The Problem and the Promise

    8. Read Genesis 11-12

    9. The Beginning of God's People

    10. Read Genesis 15, 17 and 22

    11. God's Promises

    12. Write a Short Summary of the Story so far

    1. Read Exodus Chapter 1

    2. A Nation Becomes Enslaved

    3. Read Exodus 3, 12, 14 and 15

    4. God's Rescue and the Nation Grows

    5. Read Exodus 19 and 20

    6. The Law, the Land and the Tabernacle

    7. A Moment to Reflect

About this course

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Dave leads the CYM module CYU402 Practical Theology and Biblical Studies. Dave also lectures at St Hild Theological College, teaching Introduction to New Testament, and previously taught a Level 5 Christology Module. Dave is the Director of Leeds School of Theology, which delivers informal theological education to Christians in local churches. Dave was also in senior church leadership for seven years with Mosaic Church Leeds. In 2017 he completed a PGDip in Theology, Mission, and Ministry with Durham University and then an MA in 2020. Dave is a Ph.D. Theology Student at Durham University, focusing on New Testament studies.

Dave Horsfall

Associate Tutor