Welcome to Your Faith, Your Online World

A multi-denominational project, aimed to support young people across the U.K. This is a guidance pack tailored for UK Church youth leaders, to help you lead great sessions.

We're thrilled that you've recognised the significance of delving into this realm with your youth groups. In contrast with traditional online safety resources, this initiative focuses on the intricate connections between identity, the online world and life today as a Christian.

Our aim is to empower you to facilitate meaningful discussions within your group, guiding individuals to explore the essence of faith while navigating the complexities of the online world.

This project has been created with a team of Safeguarding professionals from the Methodist Church, The Baptist Union, The Moravian Church, and The Quakers of Great Britain.


The intended age group for the project is 11-16 years old, and people within this age group have helped to create it. From peer led research to creating the films, we’ve made a huge effort to include voice and experiences from a diverse group of young people. We hope this helps give it a very authentic feel throughout. 


In the series, you will be able to:

  • Download Youth Leader Guidance which can help you plan sessions. 
  • Download Youth Workbooks that young people can use during the series, and to reflect at home.
  • Share the videos to your youth group to form the basis for discussion.

We do ask for some information from you before starting. This is simply to capture some details about reach, and impact. We are very much appreciative of this, as it allows us to measure success. We’d also love you to be part of the evaluation of the project at a later date, and will be in touch about opportunities to win great prizes and incentives for providing feedback. 

We hope this series is helpful and insightful, providing young people a chance to explore and reflect how their faith translates in to their online world.

Series content

  • Welcome
  • Youth Leader Guidance and Youth workbooks
  • Theme 1: My values and my online world
  • Theme 2: My relationships and my online world
  • Theme 3: My choices and my online world
  • Theme 4: Taking care of myself and others in my online world
  • Initial project review